Digital Real Estate Platforms and Local Lead Generation

If you’re interested in getting involved with Digital Real Estate, there are several platforms to choose from. From Metaverse to Upland to Genesis City, you’ll want to learn more about each. This article will focus on Upland and Genesis City, as well as Local Lead Generation. To make sure that your business is profitable in these environments, read on to discover some of the most important strategies for gaining traction in these emerging spaces.


The Metaverse of digital real estate refers to virtual parcels of land. These programmable spaces are a virtual world where people can socialize, play games, and sell their own NFfTs. They can even host virtual concerts and hold meetings. There are already over 200 consumer-facing brands that have purchased land in the Metaverse. However, there are some drawbacks to this type of virtual real estate.


Upland is a new type of virtual real estate game that blurs the lines between a computer game and an alternate space. Upland users own virtual properties in the metaverse, where they can trade them for currency like USD or UPX coins. Because Upland’s currency is derived from blockchain technology, users cannot duplicate or fake their virtual properties. Furthermore, Upland maps virtual addresses to real ones, which makes them permanent property owners. As a result, Upland users can earn real money by selling or renting out their virtual properties to other Uplanders and making a profit in the process.

Genesis City

The upcoming auction for Genesis City digital real estate is awaited by the Decentraland community. The developer, who raised USD$24 million in 35 seconds last August, has attracted attention from cryptocurrency investors and the general public. However, the record ICO sell-off left many potential participants out, and a large number of people feel bullied out of the token sale by whales. The upcoming auction is expected to provide a glimpse of what to expect.

Local Lead Generation

One of the best ways to get more qualified leads is to optimize your website for local search. Search engines are the most common way people find local businesses, and local SEO can help your website rank highly in those searches. By following local SEO best practices, your website will appear when people search for real estate agents in their city or town, including Google My Business. That way, you will have more local leads and convert those leads into customers.

Domain-based digital real estate

If you’ve ever been to a domain-based website, you know that it can generate a significant amount of cash. That’s because domains can house specific information, products, and services. Some domain names are highly desirable, and savvy investors have taken advantage of this by snagging cheap domain names in hopes that future companies will buy them. In other words, if you can create a great website, you can earn money by building digital real estate.