Best Muji Floor Chair Europe Reviews

The Muji floor chair has been designed as a low-cost alternative to the traditional office chair. In developing this design, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate some trappings of regular chairs, such as wheels and armrests.

The original motivation for designing a floor chair came from trying to find a cheap office chair on the market that would be lower than a stool but not as expensive as an ergonomic model with lumbar support. After looking around on sites like Amazon and eBay, it was quickly realized that either they were smaller stools of inadequate height or too pricey for what you get. So the idea was born to create something for those two categories of products: A cheap yet practical piece of affordable furniture that could be easily moved around.

Best Muji Floor Chair | Reviews

The Muji Floor Chair has a simple design and takes up minimal space, yet offers standard adjustable height and the ability to quickly move it from room to room. The original idea was to simply take a folding chair and cut it in half so that you get the leg part of the chair and attach wheels to it. This would leave an elevated platform for people who wanted to sit on the floor without having to actually sit on the floor all while keeping their chairs mobile. From there, additional aspects such as armrests were added for user comfort and balance purposes, along with available colors such as green or pink (depending on which color scheme is present at the store).

A quick-fix model means no installation is required; all you have to do is fold out the chair and sit on it, but it also means that the only height adjustability comes in the form of putting a stack of books under your legs or sitting higher up than others.

Unsurprisingly, these chairs were available at Muji for $59 each until they sold out. However, I was able to find one for $45 on Amazon with free shipping (the price for this model seems to vary greatly depending on where you purchase it). The chair I received was lilac-colored rather than pink but between myself and my roommate, we decided either color was fine.


For all intents and purposes, this chair is both well-made and aesthetically pleasing when in use. It’s comfortable enough when you first sit down, but may start to feel a little stiff after 30 minutes or so.

This is one of the few products I’ve ever come across that I really wish had an app so you could find out more about it or even customize your own color scheme.

That said, there are plenty of other chairs available on Amazon at similar prices with different design schemes to entice your picky self.

As for me? I’ll be looking into getting another one before my next Muji haul 😀

Muji Floor Chair

The Muji floor chair is one of those items that caught my eye several times when walking through the store and was often picked up by friends visiting my apartment, but never bought by myself though I’ve lusted over it for several years now.

I always assumed the chair would be incredibly cheap feeling but inexpensive enough that I’d get use out of it (and these two aren’t always synonymous). While looking at other items on Amazon, I came across the floor chair again and read through many reviews to see if anyone else had these feelings about it or not.